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Today's social media consists of hundreds of social media platforms, most serving the same — yet a slightly different purpose. Some social media platforms are more popular than others, and that’s natural, but even the not-so-common ones get a certain amount of attention from a part of the population because each one caters to a very different type of person.

Similarly, I think social media platforms have unique personalities too because each social media platform has an approach, attitude, and audience. Understanding their personas has helped me use the right social media platform for the right business and helped attract the correct target audience.

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As a Digital Branding Creative, this is how I see some of the following platforms:

The Multiple Platform Personalities

- Facebook is the “gossip girl” — Yes! She is a socialite, a public figure of sorts. She posts regularly to keep up with friends, participates in group conversations, and enjoys community experiences. She likes to get personal the minute she gets an opportunity. She is very community-minded and an over-sharer! Most of her daily dose of news and information is a bunch of friends and acquaintances, who also believe in hear-say. But mind you, she is also that part of the crowd that creates “Your word of mouth” publicity! So if you are in retail, you know where you want to share that crop!

- YouTube is “Ms. genuine”. She is the one who can address issues, answer difficult questions, and find remedies to your day-to-day woes. She is your “school of life” person, who shows resilience, patience, and understanding. Therefore, she is not only the second largest search engine but also a feedback platform. Be forthright if you visit her!

- Instagram is for those, who stand “out of the box”. Here you compete against the world’s most talented photographers, ingenious stylists, hot models, passionate singers, stunning architecture, serene landscapes, and the behind-the-scenes life of world-renowned artists. But now, Instagram is a video-sharing platform as well. So if you are a singer, a fitness trainer, a food connoisseur, an architect, an actor, or something that falls within the realm of “sheer talent”… you are here to stay and this is your medium of reaching the masses. Everything you post here is a piece of your creation and needs to be crafted carefully to convey your art and style!

- Twitter is the fearless journalist! She is aware, straightforward, to the point and controversial. She is fearless, sarcastic at times, and can even add a dash of humor! You want to establish authenticity, create a place in the minds and hearts of your target audience, this is where you need to be right because if she gets angry, she can even burn you down!

- Pinterest is your commercial DIVA. She turns heads, no matter where she goes. She is creative, stylish, always portrays everything as fresh, new, and beautiful; and a great organizer! She is rich in information, very upkeep, and visually charming. You want to shop for a product, find that perfect shade of paint or a recipe to impress your guests, she is your go-getter!

- LinkedIn is your split personality. We all have a different persona at home and a different one for our social interactions. LinkedIn makes these personality traits discernible, as we present our goal-oriented, full of finesse and social etiquette side to the world. She functions like a dating site meant for professional networking. You need to be magnetic and aspirational to attract the attention of people who matter. That means it needs to have all the right keywords, so you can be found. And once the right people find you, they should want to stay connected with you. Your one-stop personal branding gateway!

- Snapchat is your ex-pat friend in a transient place. She is popular when around, very chatty, and in the moment. Everyone shares information, involves her, and creates a happy “snap”-y community! But this ephemeral messaging platform is your place to be if you like to share promo codes, demo your products, or even partner with influencers as a strategy to increase your brand awareness.

- Quora is “Ms. Know-all”. This question-and-answer platform allows you to set yourself as a self-proclaimed expert in your field. Here, you can offer credible answers to people's genuine concerns and see traffic to your website increase.

This is how I see the various social media platforms. What’s your take on them?

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